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Tourist Visits

In vino salutem

A visit to relax and to taste good wines, we start the day with a thermal circuit in the Carabaña Spa; we will follow the visit by a tasting of wines and a walk in the winery Tagonius, we finish with an excellent lunch at the original restaurant Chávarri, old power station that supplied the medicinal water plant Aguas de Carabaña.

El Escorial - Manzanares el Real

We walk all over the Monastery of El Escorial, paying special attention to the Battle room. In the afternoon, we visit Manzanares el Real where we explore the magnificent castle of the XV century and, from its walls, we enjoy of the marvelous views of the Madrid's mountains.

Alcalá de Henares

We discover the Roman times through the archeological sites of Complutum and the Hippolitus house, the Middle Age at the interpretation center and the city walls, and the Renaissance walking in the city and having a curious watch to the Cervantes House. A short visit to the Archeological Museum of the Region of Madrid has also being planned.


We live a unique experience exploring the Celtic kaer Mesa de Miranda, at Chamartín village. In the afternoon, walking on the streets of Avila, we will see the evolution of the city, from Celts to middle ages.


We remember the Roman Empire thanks to the imposing aqueduct. We enter in the Christian and Jewish districts, without forgetting the Alcazar, where we will visit its Museum.


We begin by visiting the Army Museum. In the afternoon, we walk through the streets of Toledo discovering the cultural diversity of its Christian, Moorish and Jewish districts. The History of Spain in every detail.