Visit Madrid andnearby citieswith Star-madrid Tours

Legal notice


1. Star-madrid Tours has selected museums and other sites of historical and cultural interested, but Star-madrid Tours is not liable for the material exhibited, nor for the way it is exhibited nor for the number of languages of the translation or for the accuracy or length of such translations.

2. The offered services are based on exhibitions normally open to the public; only if possible and practical, temporary exhibitions deemed interesting by Star-madrid Tours would be included. In this event case, and previously announced with sufficient time, the price may change.

3. Star-madrid Tours relies on the opening days and times of the museums and other sites included in the visits. Star-madrid Tours is not liable for the closings not previously announced in a public way without sufficient time.

4. In the event of not being able to visit a planned museum or site alternative visits to museums, with an equal or similar quality and subjects, would be offered instead.

5. In adverse climatic conditions precluding the walking routes through the city of Madrid, Star-madrid Tours would offer the following alternatives of equal or equivalent quality and subject. This could change the order of the visits:

  • Route “East”: visit to the Pardo Palace the morning and visit to the Aranjuez Palace the afternoon. Barajas castle and Capricho Park are therefore cancelled.
  • Route “America”: Romanticism National Museum.
  • Route “Independence”: visit to Cerralbo museum the morning - for the clients not willing to visit the Air Force museum - and Lázaro Galdeano museum the afternoon.
  • Route “Institutions”: visit to the Prado museum, with a general visit, mixing A and B visit types.

The excursions out of the city of Madrid, unless advised by the Traffic authorities not to use the roads, would be upheld as an important part of such could be done under cover (either because the visit of a museum has been planned either because there are other museums likely to be visited).

6. In the event of a closure of the Royal Palace by official events, the Pardo Palace would be visited instead, being this one replaced by a visit to the Aranjuez Palace.

7. Riofrío and Granja de San Ildefonso Palaces are considered as alternative visits in the event of closure of Royal and Pardo Palaces (exceptional case when both are closed for official acts and/or use as official residence). Such event would be communicated as soon as it is from public domain and the organization of these visits could change the order of the program.

8. The majority of the museums in the city of Madrid are closed on Mondays.

9. No knowledge beyond a reasonable preparation for a visit shall be required from the guides. Even if guides have been selected based on their previous knowledge, and later trained by Star-madrid Tours, there are not military specialists.

10. Any doubt or complain related to the services offered by Star-madrid Tours shall be done to the representative of the company.

11. Some museums are focused towards domestic tourism; therefore they lack huge infrastructures and/or translations as they are not usually oriented towards foreign clients. However they are very rich in specific subjects.

12. It is strongly advised to wear appropriate clothing and shoes; this is especially important in those days were walking routes through the city of Madrid are planned and in the one day excursions out of Madrid. The routes are intense but not extremes, in relief or in duration, but it is advised to be in a reasonable physical condition, not participating if you suffer some kind of medical problem, illness or convalescence that could represent a risk for you.


  • Route America: approximately 6,5 Km according to google maps
  • Route Institutions: approximately 5 Km according to google maps
  • Route Independence: approximately 5,7 Km according to google maps

13. Even if urgent medical assistance is free of charge in Spain it is strongly advised to have a medial and / or travel insurance.

14. You have to bring with you all medicines you or your doctor may deem necessary. Report to the representative of Star-madrid Tours any medical or health problem you may consider relevant (especial diets to be followed, convalescences or impairing problems, phobias, sea sickness, claustrophobia, etc.). Some visits require climbing numerous narrow stairs, tiny and steep, walking in open air, step up and down numerous steps, to be in height, etc.

15. Even if some safety advices would be given, to mention only a few, these are: to distribute the money in different pockets, do not display money or jewels in public, do not carry the wallet on the trousers’ back pocket, to carry purses and photo/video cameras across the chest and not hanging from the shoulder, to carry the cell phone in an internal pocket, to carry the passport in the internal pocket or to leave it at the hotel safe. Always remain in group and, if possible, to wear the clothing provided by Star-madrid Tours in order to be easily identified by Star-madrid Tours representative.

16. It is advised to inform Star-madrid Tours of the Next in Kind in order to contact through the embassy or consulate.

17. Star-madrid Tours offers visits for all publics, however and due to the length of some of the visits, and to the itinerary and length of the routes and, especially, to the night route, it is not advised that minors participating in the visits and routes are less than 14/16 years.

18. In spite of our wishes, and due to the services being provided in premises and routes not directly managed by us, we cannot consider the services as being RMP (Reduced Mobility People) friendly.

19. Legal age in Spain is 18 years. If you and/or your family possess a nationality with a different legal age (more years required) or with a legal age to drink alcohol is another but still requiring more years than in Spain, we request to report it to Star-madrid Tours representative in order not to provide alcohol at any given moment, and especially during the night route.

20. Spain is a majority catholic country but not all the population is observant. This has a direct impact on the national gastronomy as well as in the food served at the restaurants. If for medical, religious, ideological u other reasons of any kind you have an especial need on your diet, please report it to the representative of Star-madrid Tours. This does not guarantee it would always be possible to obtain the appropriate diet for your needs, which is subject to the restaurants’ availability.

21. Groups are limited to 14 people. Star-madrid Tours works under the principle of booking to the first fulfilling a formal reservation (see booking procedure).