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General Information

How do tour guides work in Spain?

By law, tour guides in Spain must be licensed. The title of official tour guide, in its different versions (type of subject they are allowed to explain, language, etc.) is obtained through corresponding official exams.

In order to apply for and take those exams, it is necessary to have a degree in specific accredited studies (History, Art History, law, amongst others).

Star-Madrid Tours, S.L. has specifically selected the guides that work with us, focused on those having a History degree. All of them are long-standing professionals and they have later been specially trained by Star-Madrid Tours, S.L. personnel on the subjects and aspects related to the services offered.

Which hotel do I choose?

Star-madrid tours cannot book your hotel. But, we recommend you to choose a quiet hotel where you can easily rest. Some of the uptown hotel cannot provide this rest due to its location. An example of a quiet hotel to recover is the Hotel Osuna. This four stars hotel has a very reasonable fares, it is in an excellent location with a free shuttle service to the airport. If you accommodate there, our coach will pick you up in the main entrance. Otherwise, you will need to move by your own to a meeting point to start your visit.